K-Link A Fine Restaurant
"Where It's At In Cleveland"
123 Riverside Dr. / Cleveland, OH
Phone (419) 555-1112

The finest food, still within an affordable budget

Impeccable service
... in your choice of settings including rustic, elegant, western, nautical and sports oriented

Sweeping views of Cleveland's dynamic waterfront add to the
romantic atmosphere

We serve the finest seafood and steaks on the North Coast

Service with a smile

Our Menu is rated as one of Cleveland's BEST!
One free drink with a full meal order

Serving Cleveland for 75 years

Chef Fred Super Cook has served gourmet dishes on the North Coast for 50 years !

Winners of the Outstanding Restaurant Award
1995 & 1996

Member of GFOA (GOOD FOOD OF AMERICA) for 20 years

FDA Approved

Feel Free to Call, Fax or e-mail us at:
Phone: 800-555-1234
e-mail: your e-mail address here


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