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If you haven't already investigated, or joined J-Link's business opportunities, you can request information via email. We are looking for individuals interested in a career opportunity as an Independent Representative in either our Mini Brochure and Internet Division or our Communications Division. 

Mini Brochure & Internet Division: Provide Brochure and Internet Services in your area:   


Check out our Entire Communications Program or view side-by-side comparison of Long Distance rates. If you're not interested in the business opportunity, please compare the rate you're paying to these discount programs and sign up for service and a calling card on-line. Rates as low as 2.9 cents/minute!

  Communication Services. Become a Sales Agent for one of the world's largest and best communication companies. Cognigen is opportunity offering a less than full time commitment and effort. Since 1992 Cognigen has been helping people just like you earn stable, steady paychecks from the privacy of their own homes. Cognigen is a business that offers products and services that people need and use everyday, for less. We have eliminated ALL objections most home-based businesses face everyday: "your prices are not low enough" and/or "I don't want to join because I've lost money in previous network marketing programs." Our prices are the best and 100% of our agents either make money or break even! We have the answer! Our products are the best, the cheapest, and the most reliable. AND our opportunity is free, available to anyone with access to a computer, worldwide! Prove it to yourself. 

To investigate the entire business opportunity click here: 
Cognigen Business Opportunity


PayPal - you'll need a PayPal account sooner or later. With it you can have your earnings deposited into your bank accounts, pay for things you purchase, etc. Basically, an e-bank. Might as well get one if you don't have one.

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

  Charge.Com - take credit cards on your website. No charge signup. Lowest rates.


Put a Search Box on your site earn 2-8cents per search


Email Tips - what to use and not to use in your email messages to increase the odds of having your message read and not junked! Also, excellent tools and links to sites where you can get your email list cleansed for free including elimination of those who are avid complainers about spamming.  TIPS


Web Site - Want your own web site to use as the focal point in your on-line business marketing but not a computer guru? This site is free and allows you to customize your own Affiliate programs. Comes loaded with many already-built in programs as well. There are pay-for versions as well and if someone signs up for one via your site, of course you receive a commission! Free for the taking! Web Site

Free Business Rotator. Rotates up to 5 unique business ads. Set it up once specifying the links to biz ops you want to advertise. Every click on the link displays a different url you selected. Zero charge to acquire or operate. Rotator

Generate Tons of Quality Hits to Your Page for FREE - FREE, easy to use system brings guaranteed traffic to your website. Ultimate Traffic System

Free FFA (Free For All) Web Site including automatic maintenance of Links to your free page. Another vehicle for driving traffic to your prime recruiting web site. Allows others to post their links to your FFA page. Comes with Autoresponder message delivered after they post their link. Free Advertising! FFA Page

DHS Club - Free Program to Join. Includes Shopping Malls, Medical Discounts and more. You join for free to shop. Join the business opportunity and Sponsor others below you if you wish. When someone below you goes to VIP status you are notified, giving you a chance to upgrade yourself and keep that person and others in your downline. DHS Club  

Talking E-Mail. You won't believe this new technology. Send talking emails to friends, business associates, etc. Capture interest for your marketing programs. Free to Join gives you limited number of messages you can send daily. For Pay Program allows unlimited usage, autoresponders, etc. Truly unbelievable.

  BestNet - This is a Free to Join, Pre-Announced Business Opportunity. Marketing companies are positioning themselves now, building their downlines, getting ready for a massive, simultaneous JOIN program. Jump in now while its fresh. No Obligation. Opportunities like these come around very infrequently. 

Speed Up your computer. As a web entrepreneur, you spend lots of time on line. With this tool you can speed up your system's surfing speed by up to 300%. Why wait while your computer "idles" thru the web. Purchase the tool for $29.95 or become an Affiliate for free, and earn income from sales to others. 40% commission plus 5% on your downline. Click on Banner below to see for yourself. 

  Scan Your Computer for Spyware - Have you ever downloaded music online? When you surf online, do you get pop up ads? If so, there's a 94% chance your PC is infected with potentially harmful SpyWare!  Companies are watching your online activity. Click Here to scan your system now ABSOLUTELY FREE & Find Out! 

Cash Read - surf the internet and get paid cash for each page.  Better yet, they'll give you a free $50 cash bonus just for signing up to read emails. Can't turn that down!


No More Hits - surf the internet and get paid cash for each page. Get a free Autoresponder. Get a free ad tracking system. 

Internet Marketing Center - Earn Commissions on Sales of Pre-Packaged Products. Essentially your own e-mall. Includes tons of free advice, techniques, web content for your pages and tools. Free to Join. Includes many for-fee extras to help your business take off. 

Traffic Generator - Traffic Swarm. Free Program. Add some html code to your web site and when a visitor leaves your page the Traffic Swarm url is linked to automatically. A "viral" traffic-building system, you don't really have to do anything else. Earns you visits to your site each time a visitor leaves. Automatically builds your downline.  Easy to set up. Go to Traffic Swarm

Give Away Free Satellite TV - Not a biggie, but earn $50 each time you give away a Satellite TV System. Free to Join. 3 Level Deep MLM opportunity. Get paid even if you just give yourself one free.

Free Satellite TV!


Viral Exchange - Free Web Site Submitter. Free Opt-In email Network  generator to send your marketing messages to. Earn credits which turn into more leads by browsing the web. 


AdvissorBot - Free Self-Replicating Web Site that will generate over 1 million Opt-In leads of individuals interested in business opportunities. Get Freebies to give away. Free to Join. 

Mechanized-Marketing - Get free admission into tons of safelists which you can use to market your business opportunities to. Earn money from people who signup under you without paying any fees. There are also 5 levels of paid membership for higher earnings. 

Herculist - Join a free safelist. There are tons of them out there. Problem is most send you thousands of email ads a week. This one is limited and targeted. Allows you for free to send 700 email message ads in a 7 day period. Not huge, but it is targeted and exclusive. Herculist

Web Ferret is a powerful program that searches the web and extracts web site info. It searches many search engines at once to access a wide range of results. It is a customizable search engine that omits a lot of unnecessary information while performing a search. (Note: The Web Ferret software is not compatible with Mac users). To download the Web Ferret software, click the link below and follow the installation instructions. http://www.zdnet.com/ferret/download.htm
There is a much more powerful and flexible web search miner found on our moneysmall site.

If you want more exposure and are willing to spend a nominal amount of money, either one-time or monthly you will be able to ramp up your on-line business much faster. Here's a group of programs I joined that produce results.


If you haven't already investigated, or joined J-Link's business opportunities, you can request information via email. We are looking for individuals interested in a career opportunity as an Independent Representative in either our Mini Brochure and Internet Division or our Communications Division.