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Business Address Search - Search for a business if you know their address
Infobel - Enter house number, street and city and find what you are looking for.

Toll-free Business Numbers - 800, 888 and 877 numbers
Anywho - US Toll-free Search.
Internet 800 Directory - Search for toll-free numbers by business name, toll-free number (reverse search), partial address, or yellow pages category.
800 number availability look up

Business Yellow Pages - Search for businesses by business type (classification)
Bell South - Bell South Yellow Pages and business directory, south-east US.
Business Yellow Pages - National yellow pages with more than 10 million businesses. Requires state. Has map links, search by street, and reverse search.
Smartpages - Yellow Pages and business directory from Southwest Bell, Pacific Bell, and Nevada Bell.
Superpages - National Yellow Pages. Incorporates the former site Bigbook.
Switchboard - National business white pages including search by category. Has "search near" feature.
U S West Dex - US West Yellow Pages and business directory, north west US.

Business Phone Number Search - Reverse search, or criss-cross
AnyWho - AT&T's search by telephone number. If you enter a partial number, business numbers are listed after residential numbers, unless you selected the "businesses only" option.
FindLaw - Reverse lookup for legal professionals.
Infobel - Reverse search business, residential, toll-free and FAX numbers.
Switchboard - Reverse search for people or businesses (or both) in the US. Requires at least area code and exchange (in other words, you must know at least the first 6 digits of the number).

Business White Pages - Search for businesses by name
AnyWho - AT&T's Anywho. Fast and flexible.
Bell South - Bell South Yellow Pages and business directory, south-east US.
sbn.com - Another national business white and yellow pages.
Zip2 - Nationwide business listings. Search for places near a location or by pointing on a map.

People White Pages - Search for a person by name
Bigfoot - Bigfoot's People Search. Select the White Pages checkbox (default search is email). Simple search, but also gives names sounding "similar".
InfoSpace - Has feature to search a metro area or the region near a specified city.
InfoUSA - American Directory Assistance from InfoUSA. Can't do national search, state is required.
Switchboard - Another good national directory. Has neighborhood maps.
Whitepages.com - Nationwide search for people.

People Search by Address - Find who lives at an address.
Infobel - Search residential listings by address. Can search by specific house number (e.g. an apartment building).
US SEARCH - If you can't find it on a free telephone directory, US SEARCH is certainly the service that will find the information you are looking for. You will get an instant online report.

Carrier Verification Tests   The following tests can be used to find out which carrier is handling your long distance traffic by dialing the number listed from the phone number you are interested in.  Note that if you are using a long distance reseller, the test will reveal which carrier they are using for your long distance.

Find Area Code by City 

Find A Country Code 


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